I guess I should have shared these images first since they are part of a photo journal “progression” from black and white to color. They are actually part one…. oops! I shared the mid point of the progression first a few weeks ago here.

Here are the black and white – The beginning – of the photos at one of my favorite places, Middleton Place Plantation. I seriously need to remember that I have a membership here now and I can go whenever I feel like it!

I loved taking all of these images as well as editing them. There is just something about them, at least to me, that just takes you in. It takes me back in time to when this place was around in the 1800s. There is so much history here! I love to get lost in a photograph and try to read the story behind each image.

Click on an image to see larger.

I hope you enjoy!

Much Love,
~Crystal Keefer~

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