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You Are Loved

I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I see you hiding and holding back. I see you pushing through and carrying so much pain around. I see you wanting to give up when it gets hard. I see you continually trying to put one foot in front of the other. But you are feeling so less than, no matter how much you … Read More You Are Loved


Good Friday and Good Truth

Today is Good Friday and I have declared it to be an amazing day. Its supposed to rain and be nasty but even so, it can still be an amazing day. Its all about mindset. But, hey, I was thinking of something. Actually it’s been on my heart for a while and my cousin even wrote a book about it sharing her story. Many … Read More Good Friday and Good Truth


Start With What You Have

Start with what you have…. That is sometimes easier said than done. We get this idea or dream in our heart and we become really excited. We start to plan out things on paper, we research til we fall out of our chairs, we become ready, but through all that planning and research we probably came across a few other people that are doing … Read More Start With What You Have

Vlog: (1st One!!) Going Through The Valley