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Freedom From “Religious” Expectations

I want to help you destroy a lie on this beautiful day. I think someone needs to hear this. You know as women of God we want to be “good Christians” and read our bibles, attend study groups, go to all the church things, feel like we are doing “our part”, do “Christian things”, but yall the idea of all that above is basically … Read More Freedom From “Religious” Expectations


Bad Days Don’t Equal A Bad Life

I totally get it and I have to agree that bad days truly suck! They make things seem worse than they are, they test you like no other, and many times the hits keep coming one after another. Bad days happen to all of us, no matter how much we try to fight it and no matter how positive we are, some days are … Read More Bad Days Don’t Equal A Bad Life


From The Heart: Change

CHANGE. Gosh that can be a scary word! It requires you to do something different than what you have been used to doing for a while. The past few years, 5 years to be exact, have been about nothing but change. Its absolutely crazy how much change I have endured – challenges, heart ache, pain, courage, stepping out, holding back, holding on to the … Read More From The Heart: Change