Can I ask you a question?

What have you been believing as your truth? The truth of who you are?

It’s not what the doctor says, it’s not what some article you read online says, it’s not what the media says, it’s not what people have labeled you as, it’s not what you were told when you were little, it’s not what your parents have called you when you grew up in a rough household, it’s not the lie that you have been believing for so long.

You are far more precious and valuable than any of the words coming your way that are not true. You have been set apart. You don’t have to follow what seems to be normal!

Step out of it.

And you most definitely do not have to believe everything that comes your way. So many of us have been through some stuff that knock us off our feet, but that does not define who you are. But yet, so many of us feel so alone thinking that we are the only ones facing something challenging or think certain things.

Can I encourage you today to think about your thoughts? The thoughts running through your head, what does it sound like in that head of yours?

We have so many thoughts running through our minds and are usually processing so much information that thinking about our thoughts sounds like a ridiculous thing to do, yet we want more in this life. We are walking around unfulfilled and we don’t even know what’s up.

So we continue to seek something. Day in and day out, we are seeking something. Something that will relieve us of the way we are feeling. Anything. Anything, hoping something will change.

But my sweet sister, I believe we have been so busy and have not taken a minute, much less some good time to think about what we are thinking about. The adversary is busy too. trying to destroy our destinies so that we can not rise to the place that has been readily prepared for us.

There is a bunch of crap thrown our way to keep us going in a cycle of lies. We find ourselves thinking “But it sounds like me so its must be true, right?”

I came up with something that seems to help me line up with what’s true and what would be a total fib. I ask myself “what does Heavenly Father say about me?”

Would Heavenly father tell us that we will never measure up? Nope! So that thought is not true. How many more of those kind of thoughts have you been believing? Check them and hold them captive (2 Corinthians 10:5)

It’s time we stop being misinformed, and conforming to the patterns of this world. My beautiful sister, I believe we must take your rightful place in the kingdom and stand firm in truth, even if we have to stand alone in the natural for a little bit.

How can we ever rise to where we are supposed to go if we keep allowing this world to dictate who we are, put words in our mouths, to divide us and make us believe in its ways?

Its time we kick normal to the curb and find courage to stand out in truth!

Chase TRUTH.

Not people, not fitting in, not things, but The Truth.

Much love,
Crystal Keefer

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