Meet Crystal

Self Portrait

Over the years, my business has evolved leading me to what I truly love and feel I should be doing. After some praying for God to reveal what I should do, I feel this is where my heart was. Photography, art, and writing. I feel there is power speaking from the heart, so you can bet that I am an open book!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved photos. I used to spend hours looking through old photo albums allowing the photos take me back in time and I most definitely still love doing this. My mom bought me a 35mm film camera and after every field trip and I would come back with it ready to be developed. She was quite the photographer herself and made sure we had memories that we could hold on to. Don’t ask where my albums are. This digital time has me BEHIND on getting that done!

So many times, people hide from the camera because they haven’t been photographed in a way that truly lets all of who they are shine through. I want to encourage you to get in front of the camera and allow me to show you what I see. I want be able to use who I am, my gifts and talents, to truly serve others.

I want to be able to capture all of what makes you, YOU. I want each photograph to tell a story about each moment that will bring joy for years to come, because sometimes, in the end, all we have to hold on to is a photograph. When looking out at the world, I like to dissect its stories and see with eyes that see beyond what is directly in front of me. I want to look deeper and bring out the beauty, strength and story within.

I would love to capture moments and milestones in your life – stories that you can hold on to for a lifetime!

~ Crystal Keefer ~



meet the family2

We are a family of 4 with our handsome rescue, Thor, the Carolina Dog. We are ridiculous with a capital R. We love to create our own jokes, they play jokes on me, and we love to laugh all the time.  I’d say they are out to get the momma since I fall for their stuff many times than none. Thor is always trying to set me up to get a payout from my life insurance. We like to be adventurous and outdoors trying new things.  Thor has a rabbit friend that comes to our backyard just about every night and he is determined to catch it one day!

meet the fam collage.png


My artist side2

Photography is art of course, but I absolutely love painting floral inspirational art that is full of color. Color is a huge part of my vision. I really think I see in color. I am a firm believer that we need reminders to help us stay positive in our daily life. Its so easy to fall out of what we truly believe and slip into thoughts that are simply untrue. I want to be surrounded by color and positive words, so you can imagine the art I have created for myself.

Spare time collage


Family life wording2

We are a photography family and we all truly enjoy going out photographing together. So here in this slide show you can catch some of our personal work along with fun outings from time to time.

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