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My artist side2

Photography is art of course, but I absolutely love painting floral inspirational art that is full of color. Color is a huge part of my vision. I really think I see in color. I am a firm believer that we need reminders to help us stay positive in our daily life. Its so easy to fall out of what we truly believe and slip into thoughts that are simply untrue. I want to be surrounded by color and positive words, so you can imagine the art I have created for myself.
Read the short story here

Spare time collage

Morning coffee and quiet time are essential for starting each day off. Our Carolina Dog, Thor, likes to join in for bible study.

Early Spring you can find me photographing all the new blooms and I am usually all up in the flowers!

Book worm to the fullest! I usually have a book club going on in the RAW sisterhood group. (See tabs above to join)

I am a licensed Zumba Instructor, a running mentor with Fleet Feet Running store, and Love working out and helping others reach their goals.

I didn’t start really painting until 2016 because I believed the lie that I couldn’t paint after trying once in my teenage years and couldn’t bring a vision in my head to life.

Scarves, cardigans and coffee are life! You will more than likely catch me during the summertime with a cardigan on. #thatcardiganlife

We are a photography family and we all truly enjoy going out photographing together. So here in this slide show you can catch some of our personal work along with fun outings from time to time.
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