The Short Story

Over the years, my business has evolved leading me to what I truly love and feel I should be doing. After some praying for God to reveal what I should do, I feel this is where my heart was. Art, Writing and Photography. I feel there is power speaking from the heart, so you can bet that I am an open book!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved creating, reading, and photography. I used to spend hours looking through old photo albums allowing the photos take me back in time and I most definitely still love doing this. My mom bought me a 35mm film camera and after every field trip and I would come back with it ready to be developed. She was quite the photographer herself and made sure we had memories that we could hold on to. Don’t ask where my albums are. This digital time has me BEHIND on getting that done!

I didn’t get into painting until 2015. I was going to school for graphic design and had to take a paint class along with a photography class. I too thought for a long time that I could not paint. Especially after trying to get the florals I could see in my head onto the door of my bedroom as a kid. The result did not look like anything I envisioned! So I told myself I could not paint for so many years.

What a lie I was believing!


God has an interesting way of telling us early on who we are, but we spend so much time doubting who we are to become who we think we should be, only to come full circle back to the thing that was in you all along!

I teach painting workshops that give you a retreat experience where you get filled with truth, light and encouragement, along with learning how to create a painting you can take home with positive words that inspire you day in and day out.

When I am not teaching, painting or capturing images of what I see out in nature, you will find me writing the words that I hold in my heart, the words that God gives me, or just writing words of encouragement to lift up those around me.

On a normal day you can find me being silly with my 10 year old daughter, annoying my husband to because I love him so much, talking to my dog Thor, like he is my son.

I am here to serve you and bring truth, light and encouragement to your life, in order to help you learn who you are so that you can drop the word “can’t” from you vocabulary and walk in truth!

~ Crystal Keefer ~

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