Raw Stands for Real Amazing Women. It is also the format I shoot in when I am taking photographs.

This has been something that God has put on my heart over a year ago. When I wrote and posted to another page that I have, Running Around With Krissy (actually has the initials of RAW, krissy is my nickname), I felt a strong sense of God saying that I need to bring people into our home. I had no idea how and I thought it was to be about workout stuff that I loved so much as a way to help others and get back into it myself. 1 year ago, I stepped forward in church, very nervous to pray with another over what God has placed in my heart. Over the course of last year, it was revealed to me one morning while watching Joyce Meyer on TV. I called my sister, because I knew right away that there was no way I could do this on my own. And having my best friend along with me would make things so much better.

RAW was formed. And even though that was last year, I believe I still had to grow some. I had my 3rd speaking engagement ever in January. And during that speech I gave a little clue away, but it will be debuting very soon. It has taken some prayer, courage, and just believing that it doesn’t have to be perfect to start. If He has told me to do it, then he will help me through it. I just have to do it.


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