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What if the harsh words and thoughts about yourself were not really true? What if the things that happened to you were to keep you from stepping into you destiny? What if the feelings of brokenness were actually feelings and not your truth? What would happen if we began to walk in our true identity and told brokenness that it doesn’t get to define who you are?

Our identity is found in Jesus. He gets to define us and guess what? He never said anything harsh about us. Neither did God. We find words of life and truth with the father and we can allow that to penetrate every part of our being so it can blow in a fresh outpouring of love over us.

Welcome to The Blessed Brokenness Podcast, where truth reigns and lies are dropped.

25: A Father’s True Love Blessed Brokenness Podcast

I wrote a poem over the weekend as I took some time to think about an encounter I had with God as He brought me out of my despair and set me on his firm foundation. We can be filled with so much and feel overwhelmed or like we are just existing, but the Father hears us and will lift us out of it all to set us on the path he has destined for us. Grab ahold of hope and be encouraged! Grab your own flower and nature photography prints   often shared on Blessed Brokenness Podcast Instagram  Fine Art Photography Prints   Subscribe | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts Web | Sisterhood Group | RAW – Real Amazing Women Sisterhood  IG | @Crystal.Keefer | @Blessed.Brokenness.Podcast  Youtube |  Email | — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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