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Hello there! I am so glad that you stopped by!

My name is Crystal. I am a natural light photographer and inspirational painting artist in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. I am a true creative – (hold on this is an evolving list!) cake decorating, graphic designing, furniture refinishing, painter, wreath making, artsy and crafty turned PHOTOGRAPHER! My creative design side first came out when my husband and I were planning our wedding in 2006. I became so excited to design our wedding suite that created all of the papery and designs. Since then and becoming a mother in 2008, I have learned more about who I am and really chose to embrace my artistic side. After all I am an artist.

Over the years, my business has evolved leading me to what I truly love and feel like I should be doing. After some praying for God to reveal to me what I should do, I feel this was where my heart was. I am one that speaks from the heart and I put who I am on display. I am an open book and I love to tell stories. I always welcome you into parts of my life because this life that I have been given, that’s what makes me who I am.

I have always loved photos and capturing moments that you will never get back. I used to spend hours looking through photo albums as a little girl, allowing the photos take me back in time and most definitely still love doing this. My mom used to buy me a disposable camera for every field trip and I would come back with it ready to be developed. She used to take tons of photos and made sure we had memories that we could hold on to. Don’t ask where my albums are. This digital time has me BEHIND on getting that done!

I truly want to be able to capture what is within a person and let who they truly are shine through. I want to be able to use who I am, my gifts and talents, to help others become comfortable and give them confidence. I want those that I get to photography to be able to relate to me and I hope to give them an amazing experience. I want to be able to capture all of what makes you, YOU. I want each photograph to tell a story about each moment that will bring joy for years to come….. Because sometimes in the end, all we have to hold on to is a photograph.

When looking out at the world, I like to dissect its stories and see with eyes that see beyond what is directly in front of me. I want to look deeper and bring out the beauty, strength and story within.
I would love to help you capture moments and milestones in your life – stories that you can hold on to for a lifetime!

~ Crystal Keefer ~

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