Sometime last year, I was feeling overwhelmed with so much that I was feeling God was showing me and telling me to do. Like so overwhelmed. I was going around in circles and driving myself nuts! I banged my head on my desk and said “I can’t do this on my own” and literally a few minutes later a friend from Texas sent me a message saying that she has a friend that she wants to introduce me to as she feels that we would get along so well. And this friend was actually a photographer too and lives near by!


It was so crazy!

Fast forward, we talked a few times on the phone and finally got to meet after a few failed attempts. We hit it off really well and had such a great time enjoying downtown Charleston. We had had lunch, coffee, walked around and the weather was quite amazing!

We shared some deep stories. Stories that we don’t always tell everyone. Stories that make us who we are today.

Lynz is a coffee lover just like I am and THAT is awesome! We have met quite a few times and talk often on the phone. She truly has become such a good friend to me. The visions that God gave both of us, we just had confirmation all over place that we are supposed to be doing something together.

I introduce you to Lynz Piper. She is such a bright light and such a strong lady. She understands this life and we can relate to so many of life’s experiences on that deep, real and raw level. She will brings light, positive vibes, truth, happiness, and all of who she is to the world.

She even helps me with a group that was launched last year and I hope to bring more of that to you soon!

We hope share our lives in ways that you can relate so that you will always know that you are never alone.

Lynz loves color as much as I do. She is a Christ Lover & Follower, Proud military wife turned wounded warrior caregiver, and mother to two amazing young ladies!

I had the privilege of capturing her recently and want to share her portraits!



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