Painting – a whole new area

After taking classes this past spring semester, I was introduced to the world of painting. I’m not talking about painting walls either. At first I was very frustrated and wondered why in the world do I have to take painting and I am here for graphic design. I went through the class, but even in the end, I still wasn’t thinking too highly of it. It really isn’t fun to not paint what you want to paint and then trying to grasp the aspect of mixing the colors and keeping a steady hand without laying to much paint down when you are trying to create a thin line with your brush….. it was out of my comfort zone.

As the summer rolled around, I got an itch to be creative and realized that I had a huge 48×36 canvas board and thought, “what if I were able to create a nice painting for the foyer?” So I found some inspiration and got started!

painting startSome In progress work – I still have some to learn, but Loved the way it was coming along.


Next time, I will know what to do better. Not bad at all for my first painting for myself!


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