office organization

Office Organization and new ideas


My office space was starting to get cluttered and I have always had issues with being organized, but over the past few years I have gotten so much better with de-cluttering to clear my mind and create a better area for focus. My desk used to be up against the wall by the window with the white board and my daughter’s desk used to be adjacent to mine on the same wall as the window. As I researched inspiration, I realized that I actually liked the idea of having the desk off the wall and in the middle (slight middle) of the floor. I started with that last wee and was making a mess. I had to start somewhere. I tossed quite a bit of junk out and just moved the desks into different positions and then called it a day. I would come back later to finish it up. And I did that this morning.

I wanted to start my Monday morning off in a productive manner, but first on the list was to get this office into shape. There was no way that I would be able to focus and get work done with a half organized messy space. Here is the office after I got it cleaned up good and organized. Much more peaceful now. We have only been in this house 6 months so its a work in progress.


Since I was in here I started brainstorming to make it even better. Here is a list of things that I want to accomplish in this space:

1. Hardwood floors

2. A nice pretty large rug

3. Crown molding

4. Paint – Light Grey. Wall behind desk, White

5. one thought was to paintball the wall behind the desk with aqua, pink and grey. Would be cool for a “splattered” wall. Then that might be a bit much!

6. a custom built bench for extra seating.

7. Art work for the walls – Picture gallery wall, Custom canvas painting on another wall…

You can check out some of my inspiration on my pinterest board –

I want more ideas! Let me know what you think!



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