I’m On Instagram and A New Door Wreath


School and life kept me pretty busy that I couldn’t focus on much else. Being out of school for 10 years and going back makes things a little crazy. At least for me – especially since I am such a huge procrastinator! It has been a good time though and I have done well with my classes, but I am off for the summer and ready to dig into projects for the house along with creating some new designs!

IMG_20150514_100419 (2)

I decided to start an instagram account for Crystal Keefer Designs to just be able to document some projects that I dont always get to blog about. If you are on there you can follow me @crystal.keefer.designs – https://instagram.com/crystal.keefer.designs/

Since we moved in November and I have much more space to be creative, I am realizing that I love refinishing stuff and creating what ever my mind can come up with. When I found a handheld jig saw in the garage while looking for a staple gun, I got a little bit too excited! I need more tools – and yes this girl knows how to work any type of saw and can build things 🙂

But on a short note of creating something, I created this wreath for our front door to bring in spring and summer and I am happy with how it turned out. I am working on a little tutorial so that you can make one as well. Will prob be broken up into 2 or so posts – wreath, rosettes, and then bows

20150512_182625front door wreath

What is on your list of things to accomplish this summer?




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